Tailstock / Taper Attachment Repairs

Tailstock Repairs


Moist lathes are equipped with a tailstock. This component supports long shafts for the machine to do its work. The extending sliding part is referred to as the quill and usually contains a morse taper. Wear or damage can occur resulting in poor work repeatability.
There is also an acme screw that advances the quill to the work piece that can become worn and may need replacement. Please send or txt pictures for phone assistance.

Taper Attachment Repairs


Some machines have the option of a Taper Attachment that is mounted on the back side of the carriage, and is affixed to the cross slide screw in some manner. The taper attachments are so equipped with sliding dovetails and mini gibbs that advance or retract the cross feed screw at the tool cutting point resulting in a angular cut (taper) being produced on the work piece. These taper attachments are of a one of a kind and require hand fitting when being repaired. Please contact RAKO for more in-depth details.