Power Squaring & Plate Shear Repair Service On Site & Express Field Service & Repair

Amada, Cincinnati, Bertsch, Blue Valley, Chambersburg, Erie, Farnham, Famco, Hercules, HTC, Lodge & Shipley, Masperi, National, Pacific, Pearson, Pexto, Stamco, Steelweld, Summit, Verson, Wysong, and Alligator Shears, are the most popular brands of plate squaring metal shears. Most of these shears are getting 50 – 80 years of age and still producing reliable operations. Many are needing service, to continue their reliable operations. RAKO Inc provides mechanical repair services for many of these brands. From blade changes (Blade Flipping) – Hold Down Repair, and Clutch – Brake Adjustment and Rebuilds. RAKO Inc is shop supported and can repair or duplicate and include updates, if available, to match off the shelf replacement parts for your application. RAKO Inc is a FULL Time Obsolete Metal Working Machine Tool Repair Center.

RAKO Inc specializes in the Repair – Servicing and Blade Flipping of the CINCINNATI Mechanical Shears. RAKO Inc stocks the Commonly Needed Repair Parts To Meet Your Timely Needs. This allows us to do ONE DAY Turnarounds on our shop based work.

As for our Field Service Applications, based on your Service Request, we should have the probable needed repair parts upon arrival, based on OEM conditions. This reduces your down time, and Insures a Smooth Running Job.

Wysong Shear BShear Blade Adjustment
Wysong Shear Back Gauge Repairs
Wysong Shear Blade Gap Setting
Shear Obsolete Parts Repair
Shear Brake Keyway Repair
Shear Brake Adjustment
Shear Gear Clutch Stop Adjustment
Shear Clutch Brake
Shear Clutch Brake Trip Linkage
Shear Clutch Brake Trip Linkage
Shear Flywheel Repair
Shear Input Shaft Repair
Shear Input Shaft Taper Mount Repair
Shear Taper Shaft Keyway Repairs
Shear Flywheel Nut
Shear Gearbox Bearing Replacement
Shear Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
Cincinnati Shear Clutch Brake Adjust
Cincinnati Shear Clutch Knocking