When is it time to Change / Flip the Blades?

Over time, the shear blades become dull, causing an unacceptable burr, resulting in poor fit up at the welding process, or other. When this condition is recognized, one should consider scheduling RAKO Inc. to FLIP your blades.

Please check to verify if a NEW SHARP Set of Blades are on hand. If not, there may be a chance, the existing blades will require resharpening. Yes, we can help you with getting them resharpened. This MAY extend your planned down time. When scheduling, it is important to advise the brand of machine, and the cutting length. Please send several pictures of the shear when you schedule RAKO Inc for a Blade Flip. As a general rule, it requires 1.25 Hrs per blade foot to complete this process including, gapping (setting the blade Gap). This is based on a normal working environment, and the bolts and washers are not damaged.

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