Other Repair Services 

Turcite Replacement

Many modern machines have a plastic type of way liner called TURCITE. It is a very durable material that wears very well. When the way lube is lacking or contamination enters the lube system the turcite tends to lose its effectiveness, becoming soft and gummy in nature, thus separating from the machine casting. Although many popular thicknesses are available, the correct way is to machine it to the desired thickness. This allows for a nice mating surface, to work in harmony with your machine slide ways. It is imperative the lube system is evaluated for its capabilities of delivering the proper amount of lube to the NEW TURCITE. Being Shop Based and Field Mobile, RAKO Inc can offer a COMPLETE TURN KEY Job , depending on your desires.

This type of machine may have ball screws for the travel movements of the table.
The measured accuracy of the turcite project may be reflective of the quality of the ball screws and nuts, as well as the thrust bearings. If the turcite and table area was lacking lube, it is a highly probable the ball screw was challenged as well.

Angle Roll Repair

After Many Years Of Service, The Shaft Bushing, Bearings Or Even Gear(s) May Require Replacement. Keyways And Threads On The Roll Shaft Ends Can Become Worm And Need Repaired As Well. With Our Modern Machine Shop, These Types Of Repairs Are Part of our in House Shop Activity. Please Contact RAKO For More Details.

Popular Brands Serviced:
Bertsch, Blue Valley Flangers, Buffalo, Farnahm Rolls, Erie Press, Farrel, Hydra Tool Co, HTC, King Machine Tool, Kling Brothers Flangers, Lake Erie Presses. CECO Stamp Drop Hammers, Mubea Iron Worker, Peddinghaus, Piranha Iron Worker, Pratt & Whitney, Rockford Machine, Rogers Machine Works, Kalamazoo Saws, Webb Plate Rolls, Wysong & Miles, Foreign or Domestic, Modern and Obsolete.

Iron Workers, are a daily mainstay in most fab active shops today. The older machines were flywheel driven, with a mechanical clutch for operations. The newer machines are Hydraulically Operated. From the occasional Oil and Filter Change, the plate shear knives require changing from time to time.

Angle Rolls, are a very reliable piece of equipment. Usual items needing repairs is the bronze bushing, that may be allowing the roll shafts to spread, causing undesirable results.

Plate Rolls, usually provide a long Reliable Service Life. Occasionally the End Caps, may require New Bronze Bushings, and the Adjustment Thread Screws become worn and need repairs, to be effective again. Occasionally the large roll journal bearing (some babbit) others bronze may need to be replaced.

Iron Worker Blade Changes

All Iron Workers Are Equipped Cutting Blades That Become Dull And Need Rotated Or Flipped To A New Cutting Edge And Gapped For Proper Cutting. From The Brand New Units To The Old American I Cons RAKO Can Keep Your Iron Worker In Action.

Iron Worker Repairs

The Iron Worker is a Popular Universal Fabrication Tool Found In Most Shops Today. Many OF The American Brands Are Nearing 80+ Years Of Productive Life. Many Are Flywheel Driven, With A Mechanical Clutch, For Machine Cycle Selection. When these Clutches become Worn, A DOULE Cycle or Repeating Cycle can Occur. This should signal the machine is in need of repair service. The Cutting Knives Pockets Occasionally Need Repairs To Correctly Retain The Knives For The Cutting Activity. Blade Changes Are A Normal Part Of Routine Maintenance. Typically The Flywheel Bushings Or Bearings May Need Replacement From Time To Time. The More Modern Machines Are Hydraulically Operated And May Experience Oil Leaks And Electrical Issues As Normal Maintenance. However RAKO Can Assist You In Properly Maintaining This Universal Machine Regardless To The Brand Or Age.

Plate Roll Repairs

Many of the OLDER Plate Rolls Can Have Babbit Bushing On The Major Roll Journals.
A Careful Inspection Is Needed To Select The Choice Of Repair Option. This Type Of Repair Is Usually Done In Place On Site. A Field Service Call Is In Order To Evaluate All Options. Call Roger @ 316 – 214 – 8100 cstz For More Info.

Roll Table Rebuilds

Contact RAKO For More Details. PH: 316 – 214 – 8100 or rako@rakoinc.com For More Details.

  • Several Units Rebuilt To Date With 50,000+ Hrs (10 Years) of Run Time And Still Going.

  • A Recent Completed Project KFRM 400 USA Operations

  • A Recent Completed Project KFRM 630 USA Operations

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Radial Drill Repairs

American Hole Wizard, Asquith, Baker, Barnes, Bowes, Buffalo, Carlton, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Bickford, Cincinnati Gilbert, Cleereman, Cleveland, Femco, Fosdick, G&L, Giddings & Lewis, Hercules, Herkules, Hermann Kolb, Hettner, Ikeda, Kao Ming, Mas, Mazak, Meuser, Moline, Morris, Natco, Okuma, Ooya, Pratt & Whitney, Summit, are the typical popular brands of typical radial drilling machines.

The older machines were equipped with clutches to start – stop and reverse the spindle.
A Morse Taper was the most popular method of driving the attached drill bit. The arm was raised or lowered by an acme screw – nut that increases or decreases the height
From the part. Most common service requests are – drill dropping out of the spindle, to spindle bearings needing replaced, and poor spindle power. RAKO Inc can address these issues, should you desire to extend the productive life of your machine. Many of these radial drills are nearing 40 – 80 years of age. Some drills still hold very important
roles in the manufacturing or maintenance processes. RAKO Inc has the capabilities to Renew The Morse Taper Of Your Radial Drill Spindle. Please contact us for details.

Spindle Clutch Adjustment

Many American Made Radial Drills with Motor On Arm (MOA) have a maintained running motor to power the drilling spindle and to provide power to raise and lower the arm.

Most MOA machines have a TRIPLEX Clutch Pack, which means Forward Neutral(Brake) Reverse. This is quite convenient when doing Power Tapping. After many years of service, the Forward Clutch may begin to slip, making known adjustment is needed. Yes RAKO can provide the Services to accomplish this task.

Spindle Morse Taper Repairs

Most (ALL) Radial Drills have a Morse Taper to provide power to the drill. Typical sizes are # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 and a Possible # 7 but VERY Rare, if at all.

RAKO can renew the damaged Morse Taper (MT) in your Radial Drill Spindle. The Spindle
Will need to be removed from the machine to accomplish these repairs. YES, RAKO Inc has the gauging to verify the validity of the replaced MT. For a self test, and NEW Twist Drill with the appropriate MT will validate your spindle MT Quality.

Power Arm Elevation & Clamping Repairs

Most (ALL) Radial Drills that are equipped with a Motor to Raise and Lower The Arm. Some are equipped with Power Clamping as an option. However it happens, the motor is commanded to provide energy to achieve your direction desire. On the MOA’s, the main motor engages a clutch to Power the Nut to Raise and Lower the Arm. When Sufficient Wear Has Occurred to the Nut a Safety Switch is activated and the motor may run, but does NOT engage in the arm movement. There are OTHER Types of Radial Drills That Have a Motor Driven Gear Box On The TOP of the arm that rotates the Screw, to Raise and Lower the Arm. Here Again, When the NUT is worn enough, it activates a SAFETY Interlock, that VOIDS Motor Operations Alerting Maintenance To Inspect The Elevating NUT. Should there be difficulty maintaining ARM Motor Operations, it may be the time to inspect the elevating NUT(s) for accumulated Wear OR This may be the time to Schedule RAKO for a Service Call. Cell Roger 316 – 214 – 8100 cstz

VTL’s – Boring Mills

Vertical Turret Lathe – Boring Mill — On Site Service and Repair

The common brand names of the VTL’s are Berthiez, Berthram, Betts, Bullard, Cincinnati HYPRO, Craven, Colburn, Dorries, Defum, Froriep, Giddings & Lewis, G&L, Gray, King, Lucas Boring Mill, Niles, OM, Pond, Rafamet, Rogers, Schiess, Summit, Sunstrand, TOS, Toshiba, Webster Bennett.

Most are configured with a movable rail head, cross slide, and a ram head equipped with a single or turret tool post. There are some equipped with side head(s) as an option when the machine was new. Typical chucks are 3 jaw, 4 jaw, faceplate, or special fixture. RAKO Inc specializes in the field mechanical service repair aspect, of keeping these rugged machines going, as replacement options are few. RAKO Inc headquartered in Wichita KS USA, and is providing repair services for the OBSOLETE Metal Working Machinery For 50+ years. MOST – ALL Machines we encounter are obsolete by nature
some ranging from 10 years of age to 100+ years old, and have been producing reliable daily profits along the way. These machines are now needing service and repair(s) to keep them going for another many years. Clutch – Brake Repairs, Transmission Gear Replacement, Rail Head Service and Repair, Acme Screw – Nut Replacement, Gibb Adjustment and more are the common Service – Repair Requests



Clutch / Brake Adjustment

Vertical Turret Lathes (Bullard Type) can be commonly referred to as VTL’s. Most brands are equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic actuated type of clutch / brake combination. This arrangement is used to inch the machine during set up or part inspection. Over time the clutch packs / discs wear and lose their crisp responsive action. The sluggish action of either the clutch or brake action(s) is a signal adjustments may be needed. This DUPLEX Pack is sensitive to adjustment. Over tightening can and will result in damage to the internal activation fingers. Some machines are equipped with electromagnetic clutches, which relies on voltage to control the starting and stopping action. Should you need help in determining your machine clutch / brake type, please send several pictures of the general machine image to make your clutch / brake type determination. If the machine is equipped with a pendant control, most likely it is equipped with Electromagnetic OR Hydraulic actuated clutch / brake packs.

Gear Box Repairs

Spindle Speeds and the Feed / Rapids Movement(s) of the machine are generally arranged by a gear box configuration. Speed selections are usually made by a mechanical movement of gears by reference of shifting forks. Shifting Failures occur when the shifting forks fail to move the gears to the correct position. This can be a result of broken sheared pins – worn keys – broken jaw clutch or yoke fingers – stripped gear teeth – failed bearing, or a combination there of. RAKO can provide phone assistance to help with a preliminary evaluation, to isolate the trouble spot. Should a more in-depth determination be desired, a Field Service Call may be in order.

Rail / Turret Head Repairs

Most Rail Heads are moved by an Acme Screw / Nut configuration. Over time the threads on the Screw / Nut become worn and may fail. This issue can be addressed
By replacing the Screw & Nut. Most likely, a custom made screw & nut will be needed.
Having Elevated Wear on your Rail / Turret Head, can cause your Cutting Tool Tip be below centerline, resulting in accuracy issues. Problematic Indexing of the Turret Head is usually caused by worn gears – pins – and bushing in the manual indexer for tool selection. Should one be experiencing these issues, a Phone Call to RAKO can quickly give you insight as to your choice of Repair Options.