Radial Drill Repairs

American Hole Wizard, Asquith, Baker, Barnes, Bowes, Buffalo, Carlton, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Bickford, Cincinnati Gilbert, Cleereman, Cleveland, Femco, Fosdick, G&L, Giddings & Lewis, Hercules, Herkules, Hermann Kolb, Hettner, Ikeda, Kao Ming, Mas, Mazak, Meuser, Moline, Morris, Natco, Okuma, Ooya, Pratt & Whitney, Summit, are the typical popular brands of typical radial drilling machines.

The older machines were equipped with clutches to start – stop and reverse the spindle.
A Morse Taper was the most popular method of driving the attached drill bit. The arm was raised or lowered by an acme screw – nut that increases or decreases the height
From the part. Most common service requests are – drill dropping out of the spindle, to spindle bearings needing replaced, and poor spindle power. RAKO Inc can address these issues, should you desire to extend the productive life of your machine. Many of these radial drills are nearing 40 – 80 years of age. Some drills still hold very important
roles in the manufacturing or maintenance processes. RAKO Inc has the capabilities to Renew The Morse Taper Of Your Radial Drill Spindle. Please contact us for details.

Spindle Clutch Adjustment

Many American Made Radial Drills with Motor On Arm (MOA) have a maintained running motor to power the drilling spindle and to provide power to raise and lower the arm.

Most MOA machines have a TRIPLEX Clutch Pack, which means Forward Neutral(Brake) Reverse. This is quite convenient when doing Power Tapping. After many years of service, the Forward Clutch may begin to slip, making known adjustment is needed. Yes RAKO can provide the Services to accomplish this task.

Spindle Morse Taper Repairs

Most (ALL) Radial Drills have a Morse Taper to provide power to the drill. Typical sizes are # 3 # 4 # 5 # 6 and a Possible # 7 but VERY Rare, if at all.

RAKO can renew the damaged Morse Taper (MT) in your Radial Drill Spindle. The Spindle
Will need to be removed from the machine to accomplish these repairs. YES, RAKO Inc has the gauging to verify the validity of the replaced MT. For a self test, and NEW Twist Drill with the appropriate MT will validate your spindle MT Quality.

Power Arm Elevation & Clamping Repairs

Most (ALL) Radial Drills that are equipped with a Motor to Raise and Lower The Arm. Some are equipped with Power Clamping as an option. However it happens, the motor is commanded to provide energy to achieve your direction desire. On the MOA’s, the main motor engages a clutch to Power the Nut to Raise and Lower the Arm. When Sufficient Wear Has Occurred to the Nut a Safety Switch is activated and the motor may run, but does NOT engage in the arm movement. There are OTHER Types of Radial Drills That Have a Motor Driven Gear Box On The TOP of the arm that rotates the Screw, to Raise and Lower the Arm. Here Again, When the NUT is worn enough, it activates a SAFETY Interlock, that VOIDS Motor Operations Alerting Maintenance To Inspect The Elevating NUT. Should there be difficulty maintaining ARM Motor Operations, it may be the time to inspect the elevating NUT(s) for accumulated Wear OR This may be the time to Schedule RAKO for a Service Call 

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