Shear Hold Down Repair Service

Cincinnati, Pacific, HTC, Lodge & Shipley, LVD, Accushear, and many others, utilizes several hydraulic hold downs, to secure the material from movement, during the cutting process. When the hydraulic hold downs begin to fail, hydraulic oil escapes from the piston seals of the hold down(s), and deposits oil spots on the sheet metal being cut and increases in volume as the seals fail. Your option(s) of choice are, have RAKO Inc, a metal working, machine tool, field service repair company, come to your facility and perform onsite repair of the hold downs, or remove them and send to RAKO Inc for shop oriented repairs. It would be wise to make contact with RAKO Inc to confirm the required needed repair parts are on hand, or are readily available, before starting this project. RAKO Inc is shop equipped, and has the capabilities of duplicating and or repairing the worn parts, and updating the seals as necessary. One should plan on a few days down time, for the hold down repairs. Many of the Cincinnati, Pacific, HTC, LVD, Accushear, Wysong, Verson, Steelweld, Niagara, and many other shears are due for Hold Down and Clutch-Brake Repairs. These shears are nearing 50 – 80 years of age, delivering reliable cutting activities and operations for their various owners along the way. These machines are now due, or past due, for some much needed maintenance. Having your plate shear maintenance needs evaluated, and completing  the recommended repairs, one can reasonably expect many more, “trouble free years”, of reliable service activity. RAKO Inc can assist you in meeting your objective.

To help quickly identify your service repair needs, please text pictures of the problem area and problem description to  316 – 214 – 8100 Cell Roger Or email to  along with your zip code or city state for general info. We are centrally located in USA Wichita / Haysville KS ZIP 67060 for mapquest purposes.

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