Flywheel Clutch – Brake Adjustments and Repairs

The primary purpose of a flywheel is to create stored energy. The mass and speed
Of the flywheel determines the amount of horse power it can deliver on demand.
Flywheels are commonly found on a majority of older metal working machine tools.
Cincinnati, Niagara, Verson, Allsteel Chicago, Chicago D&K, Wysong, Excelsior, Wisconsin and many other brands of metal working machines. The flywheel usually has an intermitting power transfer mechanism, commonly called a clutch. The clutch can be intermittently or continuously engaged to convey the stored power to the intended application. A Brake mechanism is usually included with the clutch arrangement, to provide a stopping choice by the operator. Together the combination makes up the power control source for the particular machine. After time, the many parts become worn, and may NOT function as desired. Typically, a clutch or brake adjustment(s) are necessary to achieve the desired characteristics operations over a long period of time.

When the adjustments are unattainable, it is time to select a knowledgeable Field Service Provider that is attuned to Repairing or FIXING your identified problem. Most of these clutch-Brake repair needs are noted on machines 40 – 80 years of age. If these Repairs are correctly completed, additional years of reliable service life can be expected.
RAKO Inc can assist you in meeting your Flywheel Clutch – Brake Adjustments and Repairs on any brand or age of equipment, Foreign or Domestic.

Wysong Shear Clutch Knocking
Cincinnati Shear Clutch Clicking
P3Niagara Shear Gear Box Noise
Lodge & Shipley Shear Clutch Dog
Shear Clutch Tooth Form
Dries Krump DK Shear Clutch Tooth
Shear Clutch Tooth Fit Validation
Shear Clutch Match
Shear Clutch Match
Shear Clutch Dog Pull Out
L&S Shear Bearing Failure
Amada Shear Flywheel Bearing Noise
Shear Flywheel Input Shaft Bearing
Verson Shear Input Shaft Bearing
All Steel Shear Gear Box Oil Seal
Shear Input Shaft Threads
Shear Input Shaft Flywheel Keyway
Shear Brake Adjustment