Lathe Repairs

Large Engine Lathe Repair

The Mechanically Operated Cincinnati And Other Brands of Shears use a Flywheel to store energy to power the machine during the cutting process, with the electric motor to restore the lost rpm’s during the cutting process. If a Rapid Rumbling Sound Is Detected when the Machine Is Running Idle, This Could Mean The Flywheel Is Loose On The Input Shaft. An In-depth Inspection could Verify If The Flywheel Shaft Mounting Has an Issue.

A Dog Type of Clutch Engages when the treadle is depressed and the cutting process begins. Over time the jaw teeth become slightly rounded, causing the clutch to have erratic behavior, Occasionally skipping a beat during the cutting action. Another tell tale sign of clutch problem(s) is the Premature Stopping of the Cutting Ram, Causing a CLICKING Sound, During Machine Idle Time. “ADJUSTING” The Brake Will NOT Help This Condition. The Clutch Teeth Are Actually Rubbing (Clattering) Against Each Other, Continuing To Round The Teeth Even More. If left Unrepaired, the Machine Clutch will start Skipping during the Cutting Action and Possibly Chipping the Blades. Even though the Original Drain Plug is Magnetic, Some of the Metal Partials’ finds their way to the Main Input Shaft Bearings Causing Harm To Them as Well. The Secondary Offense of Leaving The Clutch Unrepaired, is the possibility Of LOOSENING the Main Drive Key, And Or Keyway to the Main Shaft. If this machine has had PRIOR Maintenance, there is the POSSIBILITY, the Clutch Timing Is Incorrect. Should that be the case, PROPER Clutch Timing Is Required To Alleviate The Clutch Knocking Issue. If Left Unrepaired, The Rounding Of The Clutch Teeth Is Occurring. Once the Clutch Timing Is Verified, The CORRECT Brake Adjustment Can Be Obtained. A SMOOTH Cycling Shear Is Now Eager For Service. One Must take Into Account The Machines Lubrication System Must Be Functioning Properly To Have a HAPPY Shear.

If in Question, Let our 50+ Years Of Service Experience Work For You. This May Be The Time To Schedule A Service Call For A Shear Tune Up.

Clutch / Brake Adjustment

Vertical Turret Lathes (Bullard Type) can be commonly referred to as VTL’s. Most brands are equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic actuated type of clutch / brake combination. This arrangement is used to inch the machine during set up or part inspection. Over time the clutch packs / discs wear and lose their crisp responsive action. The sluggish action of either the clutch or brake action(s) is a signal adjustments may be needed. This DUPLEX Pack is sensitive to adjustment. Over tightening can and will result in damage to the internal activation fingers. Some machines are equipped with electromagnetic clutches, which relies on voltage to control the starting and stopping action. Should you need help in determining your machine clutch / brake type, please send several pictures of the general machine image to make your clutch / brake type determination. If the machine is equipped with a pendant control, most likely it is equipped with Electromagnetic OR Hydraulic actuated clutch / brake packs.

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