Shear & Press Brake Repairs


Power Squaring & Plate Shear Repair 

Amada, Cincinnati, Bertsch, Blue Valley, Chambersburg, Erie, Farnham, Famco, Hercules, HTC, Lodge & Shipley, Masperi, National, Pacific, Pearson, Pexto, Stamco, Steelweld, Summit, Verson, Wysong, and Alligator Shears, are the most popular brands of plate squaring metal shears. Most of these shears are getting 50 – 80 years of age and still producing reliable operations. Many are needing service, to continue their reliable operations. RAKO Inc provides mechanical repair services for many of these brands. From blade changes (Blade Flipping) – Hold Down Repair, and Clutch – Brake Adjustment and Rebuilds. RAKO Inc is shop supported and can repair or duplicate and include updates, if available, to match off the shelf replacement parts for your application. RAKO Inc is a FULL Time Obsolete Metal Working Machine Tool Repair Center.

RAKO Inc specializes in the Repair – Servicing and Blade Flipping of the CINCINNATI Mechanical Shears. RAKO Inc stocks the Commonly Needed Repair Parts To Meet Your Timely Needs. This allows us to do ONE DAY Turnarounds on our shop based work.

As for our Field Service Applications, based on your Service Request, we should have the probable needed repair parts upon arrival, based on OEM conditions. This reduces your down time, and Insures a Smooth Running Job.


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Press Brakes

Press Brake Repair Services

Accupress, Amada, Atlantic, Cyril Bath, Beatty,Bantam, Bentenbender, Chicago, Chicago D&K, Cincinnati, Columbia, Di Acro, Dreiss & Krump, Excelsior, HTC, Hydra Tool Co, LVD, Kamatsu, Lodge & Shipley, Mercury, Niagara, Pacific, Pearson, Pexto, Rushworth, Steelweld, Summit, Verson, Wisconsin, Wysong, and more are the popular trade names of Press Brakes used to form materials today. Many of the older are equipped with a flywheel with a Clutch – Brake Combination to provide power and control of the machine. After some time, the Flywheel connected clutch – brake combination needs maintenance. Whether it be Adjustment(s), Bearings Replacement, Rebuild, Or Clutch-Brake Lining Replacement, RAKO Inc has been there, and we are here for you. Our 50+ years of experience can identify your problem at hand quickly, and can get you going in a short order.

Hydraulic Operations

The more modern machines are Hydraulically Operated. Yes we are knowledgeable on them as well. Most of the hydraulics may be obsolete and require updates to achieve off the shelf replacement parts. When troubleshooting the hydraulic operated press brakes
RAKO Inc prefers two skilled technicians, one electrical and the other mechanical. In some cases problematic activities can appear to be inverted – a mechanical binding, lube failure, slide way gaulding, can appear to be electrical / hydraulical in nature. Having TWO highly skilled – Experienced Technicians can isolate the problematic area quickly.

Quality Of Bends

Over time the TOP RAM and possibly the BED tends to lose its “CROWN”. With excessive Crown loss, poor quality bends are the result. TWO options may come to mind. Replace the missing crown with (build Up) weld and re-establish the crown OR have a Specialty company re-mill the bed area. Call us for more details. 316 – 214 – 8100.