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Roger A Knight  is the president and founder of RAKO Inc. Graduating from Eureka High School and continuing on being the FIRST Class to enter the Emporia KS NEW Flint Hills Area Vocational Technical School in 1969, graduating with a A- Average for the two year program in Welding And Machine Shop. I attribute this educational program to my life time – lifelong success. Automatic welding and mass produced parts did not interest me. I was challenged by the CRITICAL EXTREME Technical aspects of the welding field as well as machine shop. These principals are what drives and motivates Roger today. The Metal Working Machinery Repair Field truly offers the opportunity to utilize these skills. Before Roger attended the first grade 1958, he knew this PROFESSION was his natural God Given Gift. For extra money Roger started repairing Air Compressors and Metal Working Equipment in his high school years. He enjoys traveling in his first generation Dodge Diesel Pickup surpassing  550,000 miles as of 2017. The Truck is Maintained by RAKO Inc.


At RAKO Inc.com our philosophy from DAY ONE is Making QUALITY the number 1 Priority For ALL Jobs. RAKO Inc realizes the Company’s History and Reputation may be the deciding factor by the customer. Our long term commitment to this Philosophy establishes the platform which displays, quality – value and  reliability in our services. This is the KEY to our national service & repair activities that many customers have came to depended upon. The final element that is extremely important, is TIMELY Delivery. To achieve this, “Inventory” is required. RAKO inc prides its self , having on hand, what it needs to do the job. As a General rule (for what RAKO Inc does) we have what it takes to start the project immediately, and complete it in a timely manner.

Our Main Service / Repair Jobs are for the  ONE OF A KIND, Daily Operated piece of Metal Working Machinery or Equipment that is the centerfold of the company’s activities.

We are Entrusted with this Responsibility on a Routine Basis. Our Seasoned Track Record – Experience, And COMPLETE Modern Machine Shop On Standby, Allows Us To Provide the Services you have reached out for, and need Completed in a Timely manner. With All These Forces Anchored And Connected, Brings Us to The TRUE FOCUS Of RAKOinc.com. Traveling Nationally Bringing New Life To Yesterdays Metal Working Machinery & Equipment At Your Facility, Is My Goal. I look Forward To Inquiry.

If it is a Piece of YESTERDAY’s  Metal Working Equipment, OLD – MODERN – Import – Domestic, Inch – Metric  —  YES We Can Make It Go Again, For Another Duration.

As a  General Rule, The Quality Of Our Repair Jobs, May Delivery Many Years Of Reliable Service.

Depth of Knowledge

RAKO Inc is one of a VERY FEW, FULL TIME companies that specializes in the Service & Repair Older Metal Working Machinery and Equipment.

Roger A Knight, the President Of RAKO Inc., is crossing the 50 Year Mark Of Metal Working Machinery & Equipment Service & Repair Experience threshold.

When making an inquiry, your may asked several questions regarding your inquiry, to analyze and evaluate your service – repair needs. This is to ascertain a level of understanding as to what your actual service or repair needs may be. This exchange of information will speed the evaluation process along. If you desire RAKO Inc to do an onsite machine service repair evaluation, we would be happy to schedule a time slot.

A quoted fee would apply, and receive a quote for your targeted service repair needs.

Your inquiry may actually be a repeat job, meaning we have done it before, or one similar to or like a like type. Most OLDER pieces of Metal Working Machinery are similar in nature but differing one from another. Due to the age of the  machine, it could have received prior onsite updates unknown at this time. Many companies may have had prior in house maintenance departments that have since closed. Whatever the case may be, RAKO Inc can arrive with a solution to your issue at hand. This is the normal day to day activity.

Customer Commitment Policy

www.rakoinc.com     May Be A  “Welcoming BEACON OF LIGHT”  For Our NEW NATIONAL Customer Base. But the Elevated Work Load Has Reduced The Normal Office Time For Scheduling Jobs. RAKO Inc.com Now Accepts Payments Thru PayPal To Reserve Your Scheduled Machine Repair Job. RAKO Inc.com No Longer Arrives At Your Facility Without Some Type Of Customer Commitment. This Allows The Customer To Confirm Their Desired Machine Repair Job Online Securely Through Paypal.com, using   rakoinc@cox.net   for the email address. This Keeps The Customers Payment Information Safe And Secure. Email Documentation Is Part Of The Transaction Activity.


RAKO Inc.com Does Processes CC On Site As Well, To Finalize The Completed Job.


Shipping Address For Inbound LTL Freight, UPS and FedEx



6960 S Broadway Ct

Haysville  KS  67060


Contact  Roger A Knight      Smart  Cell   316 – 214 – 8100





Preferred LTL Carriers For Inbound Freight

They are located less than 2 miles away

Estes,  Old Dominion,  Saia,  Yellow,  R&L Carriers


Please note on shipper: HOLD AT DOCK For Pickup


This plan allows me to pick up freight AFTER normal business hours, and start work activities in many cases. This Plan Accommodates My National Travels.


Notify Roger A Knight When Freight Arrives


TXT        316 – 214 – 8100   “Preferred”

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Need Help Call Us Now  
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